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How to Start small (and get the biggest results)

This week is about learning how to start on your journey to be a healthier person and most importantly how to STAY ON IT

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1. Don’t over do it! Most of us want to have fast results and in a sudden burst of motivation (summer, a wedding, etc.) we decide it is time to sky rocket to become a fitness and gym addict; we start eating salads and we are going to the gym 5x a week, going on run on the weekend and then we OVER DO IT and we burn ourselves up! WHY…because you didn’t establish REALISTIC GOALS before you decided to go crazy on your new adventure. It is not realistic to think that someone who barely goes to the gym and eats out almost every nights can suddenly be as active as someone who has had that lifestyle since forever! Don’t get lost within those ridiculous and pretentious easy solutions on the market. You will need to find a balance and establish a PLAN for success if you want to stay motivated and start changing your body and your lifestyle.

2. Planning … a meeting with yourself When you decide to incorporate exercises and a new way of eating into your life… you need to start SMALL, but with careful planning! Take out your agenda and find 3 time slots in the week where you are free and write down GYM, Yoga, Zumba or whatever exercises you have planned! It is set in stone then… because why would your meeting with the gym be less important than your doctor appointment or your lawyer appointment? I called it meeting with yourself! IT is very important, probably the most important meeting of your life!

3. Write it down ( the food) Don’t get yourself paranoid over this but try it! When you write it down; you become more aware about the food you eat! Only do a food journal 2-3 days a week and you will see that writing it down will help you make better choices because you will actually think about what you are going to eat before putting it in your mouth!

4. Have expectations, but don’t be too hard on yourself This one is the KEY! Have expectations for yourself. It will chal

lenge you and keep you motivated, BUT PERFECTION doesn’t exist and the truth is that changing is not easy and it is scary! Why do you think most people give up and go back to feeling comfortable in their discomfort? It is because it is what they know and they know how to deal with it! You won’t be this fitness machine after one workout, maybe you will never be! We are not looking for a machine, we want progressive change that will last you a lifetime!

Once you establish your goals and start your journey towards change, BE CONSISTENT and TIME will get you there!

Myriam Cyr, Kinésiologue. Graduée de l'Université de Lethbridge, Alberta.

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